Wednesday, October 4, 2023

China, Oromia Ink Deal to Develop Special Economic Zone

Named after the UNESCO inscribed Oromo people's indigenous, democratic government system known as "Gadaa," the special economic zone will have a budget of over 46 billion Birr and will connect the cities of Mojo, Adama, and Shashemane.

Ethiopian Orthodox Church Bishop Claims Oromo and Tegaru Migrants from Madagascar and Yemen

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) has been a dominant institution in Ethiopia for centuries.

Spokesperson of Amhara rebel group meets with Israeli Foreign Minister

Major Dawit Weldegiorgis, spokesperson of the recently launched armed group Amhara Popular Front (APF), met with Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen.

Oromo deacon banned for singing in his mother tongue

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church bans an Oromo deacon for singing in the Oromo language in Oromia.

Oromo Singer killed in Sululta

At the time of his untimely demise, Dereje was working on an upcoming album. He leaves behind two children.

Morehouse College Professor faces backlash for extreme calls on Oromo leaders in Ethiopia

Haile Larebo, a Morehouse College professor, draws criticism following his recent statements calling for extreme measures on Oromo leaders in Ethiopia.

Abiy Ahmed steps up military action in Oromia despite peace talks

A resident in North Shawa Zone, central Oromia told the VOA his family's house was burned down after the first round of peace talks in Tanzania ended.

Transitional Government proposal divided OLA and Ethiopian government in the Tanzania talks

OLA's proposal to establish a transitional government was the main point of contention.

Talks between Ethiopia and the Oromo Liberation Army ends without a deal

The first round of peace talks between the Ethiopian government and the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) ended without a deal today.

United States welcomes talks between Ethiopia and the Oromo Liberation Army

The United States welcomes peace talks taking place in Tanzania between the Ethiopian government and the Oromo Liberation Army. 

Derartu Tulu elected vice president of African Athletics

Derartu Tulu will serve as the vice president of the Confederation of African Athletics for the next four years. 

Prominent historian part of OLA’s negotiation team with Ethiopia

A prominent Oromo historian is part of the OLA's negotiation team with the Ethiopian government. 

OLA confirms talks with Ethiopian government set to begin in Tanzania

OLA confirms that peace talks with the Ethiopian government will begin this week in Tanzania.

Ethiopia rejects allegations its military crossed into Sudanese territory

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has denied allegations that Ethiopian troops have entered al-Fashaga.