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Curate Oromia, LLC publishes, an online magazine of cultural and sociopolitical analysis covering Oromia, Ethiopia’s largest and most populous region, and the wider Horn in general.

Since its inception in 2019, our magazine has featured the works of some of Oromia’s most prominent journalists, activists, analysts, and scholars, contributing to the growth of dialogue and civil discourse with the ultimate goal of building a free and democratic Oromia that respects the rights of its citizens regardless of gender or ethnic background.


To that end, we welcome submissions that offer insightful analysis and well-supported arguments, whether you’re an experienced writer or just starting out. To submit your work, please send a summary of 50-250 words or a finished article of up to 3000 words to


Curate Oromia, LLC owns all copyrights to articles, photographs, and illustrations published by Curate Oromia.


If you have found any of the articles in our magazine relevant and wish to see us grow, please consider becoming a Patron or donating via Paypal. With your help, we can publish high-quality journalism and cover Oromia in its own right. Thank you!