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Bale Mountains National Park
Bale Mountains National Park. Credit: Visit Oromia.

Curate Oromia is an online magazine of cultural and sociopolitical analysis, primarily focusing on Oromia and its people. It publishes in-depth articles, opinion pieces, interviews, and news in Afaan Oromoo and English.

We feel the Oromo, despite being the second-largest nation in Africa, numbering some 60 million people, do not have a media outlet that embodies their agency, carries their hopes and aspirations where their interests come first, not last.

Hence, Curate Oromia intends to amplify the deliberately muzzled Oromo voice, highlight Oromo issues, and promote Oromo’s right to self-determination within the larger Horn of Africa context.

In so doing, our goal is to create a free and democratic Oromia.

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If you share this goal, want to come along the journey and realise it, send your writings to [email protected] 

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