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New book explores why Ethiopia’s most widely spoken language is politicised  

“The Politics of Afaan Oromoo and Qubee in Ethiopia”, was unveiled on April 1st, 2023 at Ambo University. It examines the history and politicization of Afaan Oromoo and its alphabet ‘Qubee’ in Ethiopia.  

Wandimu Tegegn, the book’s author and Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics at Ambo University, told the BBC that the book explains why the use of the Oromo language and alphabet has long been politicized in Ethiopia.

Since Oromo scholars adopted the Latin alphabet for the Oromo language in 1991, a whole new generation has been born, and Oromo literature has proliferated.

Wandimu Tegegn believes his new book will equip the ‘Qubee Generation’ with the necessary knowledge about their language and alphabet. 

Currently available in Afaan Oromoo and English, the book will also have an Amharic version in the future.