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Ethiopian government issues a warning to Amhara hardliners

The Ethiopian government said a few Special Force units in the Amhara region are disrupting the country’s plan to build a strong army.

In a statement issued by the Federal Communications Service today, the Ethiopian government said it has begun the process of dissolving regional special forces and reintegrating its personnel into the regional police, Federal Police, or National Defense Forces.

“Members of the Special Forces in all regions can join the Federal Army, the Federal Police, or the Regional Police, according to their choice,” the statement said.

However, misled by misinformation deliberately pushed by forces of destruction and partly due to a lack of understanding, acts that impede this process have been observed in specific Special Force units in the Amhara region, the statement said.

Some of the misinformation are assumptions that the restructuring program is solely being implemented in the Amhara region, while others ask how can the Amhara Special Forces disarm while the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) has not, the statement said.

According to the statement, “The program to integrate members of the regional Special Forces into other security structures is being implemented across the country. The work is being carried out in all regions at the same time. The TPLF is being disarmed according to the Pretoria Agreement.”

“If any members of the special forces decline to participate in the restructuring, the government will preserve their rights and assist them to return to civilian life,” the statement said.

“The decision to restructure regional Special Forces was reached by the government for the long-term prosperity and security of the country, and it will be carried out with maximum care,” the statement said.

“The government asks the whole nation, as well as the leaders and members of regional special forces, to work together for the program’s success by avoiding misinformation spread by forces of destruction,” the statement issued by the office of the Federal Government Communications Service said.