The Curate Oromia editorial team aims to convey the truth to society and foster a culture of civilised debate. To that end, our publication is guided by the following principles.

Accuracy and Objectivity

We strive to report the facts accurately and objectively. We will not publish incomplete information or create false perceptions.

Fairness and Respect

Respecting everyone regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, socioeconomic status, or religious beliefs is a fundamental principle of our publication. In describing individuals or groups whose stories we publish, we refrain from using terms such as “narrow nationalist,” “Banda,” “Shane,” “Junta,” “Jawsa,” or other dehumanizing phrases and words that Ethiopian politics has coined over the years. We believe such expressions hinder rather than facilitate communication and understanding.

Accountability and Transparency

Correcting any factual errors that appear in our publication is a commitment we uphold. We welcome feedback and suggestions from our readers. In the event that we publish a false or incomplete information, we provide those who have been harmed the opportunity to respond and have the information corrected.

Core Value

Curate Oromia believes Ethiopia is a country of numerous nations, each with its own land, history, culture, and traditions. A state that reflects this diversity and respects the aspirations of its people has yet to be formed. Our publication thus fully supports the right of nations to self-determination, not only in Ethiopia but also throughout Africa and the World.