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Interview with the young artist Jirenya Legese

"Art to me is a medium through which I express my ideas."

From an OLF fighter to teaching Islam: Ustaaz Raayyaa Abbaa Maccaa.

My father had imparted on me two causes to be entrusted with, which he got from my grandfather: the first is Oromummaa, and the second is my religion.

Oromia Police said “We will die for you”- Guyo Wariyo

Throughout our history, we have managed to build two strong institutions: The Oromo Liberation Front and Oromia Media Network.

“Hachalu had a wonderful personality”-An interview with Guyo Wariyo

The first time I met Hachalu was at the BBC Media Action office in Finfinne when he came to visit his music producer, Amensisa Ifa, who was also our sound technician.

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