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Ethiopian army kills an Oromo mother of seven and two others in Shawa

Three Civilians were killed by the Ethiopian Army on October 30, 2023, in Garri, a village in Bosat district of East Shawa zone, Oromia Regional State, family members and residents told the BBC. This includes Kuli Hawas, a mother of seven children, Gada Godana and Boru Bekele.

According to one of Kuli Hawas’s children, the army took their mother and five other residents to the nearby military camp on October 25, accusing them of having children affiliated with the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), the armed group engaged in conflict with the federal government in Oromia.

“It is your sons that are killing us!”

An unidentified family member explained that the army accused the residents of supporting the rebels: “You are the ones who feed them. It is your sons that are killing us!”

Out of the six people, one resident and his wife were released, while the other four were taken to a location known as Birka and were shot dead on October 30, at approximately 8 PM. Tufa Edao, who was among those detained, was later found alive with gunshot wounds by residents of the village and is currently receiving treatment in Welenchiti town.

Kuli Hawas was a farmer and mother of five women and two sons. Those killed along with her were farmers as well. All three residents were laid to rest in Welenchiti town.

In the wake of the killing, a sense of fear and panic has gripped Garri, prompting several residents to flee the village.