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Oromo scholars reject PM Abiy’s speech in Naqamte

Oromos for Justice, Security and Truth (O-JUST), a group founded by concerned Oromos in Ethiopia, rejects claims made by Ethiopian Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed that the “Oromo people Are Liberated.”

Prime Minister Abiy travelled to the Western Oromian city on May 8th and delivered a speech in which he declared, “The Oromo people have been liberated.”

O-JUST’s press release rejects this claim, arguing that it is “a false narrative” used by the Prime Minister and the Prosperity Party who conflate “their ascendancy as the fulfilment of the longstanding demands that the Oromo national movement has made against the Ethiopian state.”

O-JUST warns that “Oromo unity is under threat” and “The dignity of the Oromo person is not secure.” Under the Prosperity Party, the right of nations to self-determination, a right recognized under International Law, has been criminalized, the press release adds.

The press release concludes by urging Oromo nationalists to continue their struggle until full freedom and justice is achieved for the Oromo people and all Ethiopians.

“The struggle must continue until all Oromo demands are met and freedom is fully achieved for ourselves and for all Ethiopians suffering under the Ethiopian state, which has proven time and again that it is incapable of divorcing itself from despotism and transforming into a democratic polity.”

Read O-JUST’s full press release here.