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Investigation reveals evidence on how Ethiopian security forces killed members of Karrayyuu Gadaa Leadership.

Ija Oromia, an international organization that conducts in-depth reporting on human rights violations in the Oromia state of Ethiopia, confirms that on December 1, 2021, Ethiopian government security forces abducted 41 community leaders of the Karrayyuu clan of the Oromo and brutally beat and executed at least 14 leaders.

Two of the community leaders managed to escape the abduction.

The whereabouts of the remaining abducted community leaders were unknown until December 17, 2021, when they were located in a detention facility in Mojo where they still unlawfully remain.

An additional Karrayyuu community leader was murdered on December 3, 2021, and another Karrayyuu community leader was tortured to death in the detention facility on December 8, 2021, bringing the number of community leaders killed to 16.

Read the full report here.