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The hypocrisy of regime apologists in Oromia needs a reality check

Abiy Ahmed recently met with Oromia's top clergy, clan elders, and community organizers. During the meeting, the premier appeared defeated in front of a...

Security and Prosperity not possible while Oromos & Somalis are at Odds

Can peace, security, and prosperity in the Horn of Africa be achieved while Oromos and Somalis are at odds? Unlikely. The most disastrous times...

Ethiopia’s contradictory position on violence

Addis Standard, an English political news outlet based in Ethiopia, published remarks that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made during a parliamentary session held...

We can’t afford to lose Irreechaa 

As Irreechaa nears, I can’t help but feel anxiety, grief, and anger at our tattered, unconvicted, and depoliticized relationship with the festival. I also...

Dawee: Manifestations of an Oromo Prophecy 

In the Borana/Southern Afaan Oromoo dialect, calling someone "dawwe" is a serious charge. It is a term used, often, to describe a person who...

Killers of yesterday cannot bring justice today

Never existed a country where Erich Hartmann's words, "War is a place where the young kill one another without knowing or hating each other,...

All Oromos must support the Oromo Orthodox movement

The Oromo people must unite, rally behind and support the third revolution set off by our gallant archbishops regardless of our religious background.

The “Amhara Fano” – Ethiopia’s Army of the Dead

Feelings of unspeakable grief is felt by Oromos when they see atrocities committed by the Amhara Fano.

Ethiopia’s “Other War” in Oromia

The Ethiopian empire was built on this gruesome violence in Oromia and other regions of Ethiopia.

Treating the Oromia conflict as an afterthought in Ethiopia’s civil war is wrongheaded

Maintaining stability in Oromia is necessary to ensure stability in the entire Horn of Africa.

There will be no peace in the Horn of Africa without peace for Oromos

Oromos must be represented by those they see fit to represent them.

René Lefort: “what is at stake today is the decolonisation of the Ethiopian empire.”

The only solution is to gradually move towards some kind of Ethiopian confederation or even something that would resemble what brings together the states of the European Union.

Will declaring independence really cause insurmountable problems?

The Oromo people are not scared of independence.

Veteran Oromo politician warns against glorifying individual leaders

It is not individuals but institutions that can give viable assurance for the nation.

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