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Amhara regional forces protest Abiy Ahmed by tearing Tshirt depicting his face

A video circulating on Ethiopian social media shows Amhara Special Force members mutilating a T-shirt with what appears to be Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s face on it.

“Aim for his eye, blind him,” exclaims one soldier, while another instructs to target his mouth instead. A soldier holding a knife guts the T-shirt.

This incident is part of Amhara outrage over Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s decision to disband regional forces. Residents also hurled ethnic slurs at “dirty” Tigrayans during an anti-government rally in Bahir Dar, the Amhara region’s capital, accusing them of destabilizing the country by collaborating with Oromos.

This is not the first time Ethiopia has been witness to disturbing scenes. Amhara Fano militants released video last December of their soldiers marching in a small town near Oromia with severed human heads mounted on pikes.