Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Can Reconfiguring Amhara Region Bring Stability to Ethiopia?

The mistake of establishing an Amhara regional state in the early 1990s, created the space to reconfigure an Amhara identity and an expansionist Amhara nationalism that has now become the source of destabilization in the country.

How TPLF created the OPDO

"If you scratch an OPDO and you are sure to find a disguised OLF."

What is Fano doing in Oromia?

Fano involvement goes beyond the retaking of "lost Amhara lands".

Colonization Beyond Europe: The Ethiopian Case

Ethiopia, as a state, propagates pathologies in the same way other colonial states have done.

Sacred Knowledge Traditions of the Oromo of the Horn of Africa, Book Excerpt.

This ambiguous state of affairs, in which the Oromo were nominally free, whilst in practise still colonised, was one of the most dangerous and critical of times in their history.

Adwa: African Victory over Colonialism or Victory of Black Colonialist Power?

Adwa as  an African victory over colonialism is  an atrocious distortion.

The Ethiopian Racist: the Afro-phobic Roots of Amhara Supremacy in Ethiopia.

Racism against non-Amhara Ethiopians and African blacks is its best kept dark secret.

On the Question of Ethnicity and Feminism in Ethiopia: a Critique

Knowing the centrality of ethnicity to Ethiopian politics, the silence of mainstream women’s rights movements on the topic is loud.

The Oromo of Eastern Africa: Ali Mazrui’s Perspective.

Have the Oromo been an internalized colony of the Amhara? Yes, but there are degrees of colonial status.

The Ghosts of Adwa

The fundamental paradox of Adwa is this: the very Ethiopia that inscribed with anti-colonial meanings after its victory over European colonialism was a colonizing state itself.

Spoken Word Bigotry: Culture in the Age of ‘Medemer’

A popular Ethiopian nursery rhyme goes አበበ በሶ በላ። Abebe, the most common name for boys in Amharic, eats beso, a traditional breakfast meal made out of barley. In the second line, Caala, equally common a name for boys in Afaan Oromo, grabs …a dagger!