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National Dialogue merely a tool to enforce ruling party’s agenda, says Oromo group

Oromos for Justice, Security and Truth (O-JUST), a group established by Oromos concerned about the political trajectory in Ethiopia has released a statement criticizing Ethiopia’s upcoming national dialogue.

On May 29, Ethiopia launched the “agenda-gathering phase” of its long-awaited national dialogue process, which many hope could bring sustainable peace to the country.

However, O-JUST contends what the government calls ‘National Dialogue’ is nothing but a facade intended to consolidate power for the ruling Prosperity Party (PP).

The statement released by the group argues that PP is hellbent on undermining the constitutionally guaranteed right of self-determination of nations and nationalities in Ethiopia.

“The ruling Prosperity Party and its allies are organizing meetings and advocating for the return of the past unitary system by removing the right of nations to self-determination,” the statement reads.

“According to these groups, Ethiopia is a nation, and the various ethno-national groups are tribes or sub-clans. The proponents of this view have now mounted a horse named the ‘National Dialogue Commission’ to conduct the final assault on the right of self-determination of nations and nationalities.”

Ethiopians Participating in National Dialogue Agenda-Setting Phase. Source: ENDC
Ethiopians Participating in National Dialogue Agenda-Setting Phase. Source: ENDC

O-JUST also criticised the exclusion of opposition groups, such as the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) and the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), as well as political parties and individuals of other nationalities from the dialogue process.

The statement warns that, under the guise of national dialogue, PP is attempting to rewrite Ethiopian history by promoting a narrative that glorifies past emperors while suppressing the historical experiences of marginalized groups.

“A genuine national dialogue needs to be based on the right to self-determination of nations and nationalities,” the statement concludes.

Full details of the statement can be found here.