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Editorial: Accountability, Transparency and People

No to being the only people in the world who demand basic rights in a country where we are the majority.

Abiy Ahmed steps up military action in Oromia despite peace talks

A resident in North Shawa Zone, central Oromia told the VOA his family's house was burned down after the first round of peace talks in Tanzania ended.

Amhara regional forces protest Abiy Ahmed by tearing Tshirt depicting his face

The incident is part of Amhara outrage over Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's decision to disband regional forces.

Ethiopian government issues a warning to Amhara hardliners

"A few Special Force units in the Amhara region are disrupting the country's plan to build a strong army."

Armed group in Oromia says Ethiopian peace overtures not sincere

"This approach is similar to the regime's unsuccessful 2019 attempt to dismantle the OLA using prominent local figures."

Ethiopia’s “Other War” in Oromia

The Ethiopian empire was built on this gruesome violence in Oromia and other regions of Ethiopia.

What is Fano doing in Oromia?

Fano involvement goes beyond the retaking of "lost Amhara lands".

René Lefort: “what is at stake today is the decolonisation of the Ethiopian empire.”

The only solution is to gradually move towards some kind of Ethiopian confederation or even something that would resemble what brings together the states of the European Union.

How did Abiy Ahmed lose the Oromo street that propelled him to power?

Soon after receiving the award, Abiy began to write the darkest chapter of his legacy.

Oromia’s Prison Walls Speak

I don’t think that even in the time of Menelik, we have experienced such humiliation. 

Oromia Police said “We will die for you”- Guyo Wariyo

Throughout our history, we have managed to build two strong institutions: The Oromo Liberation Front and Oromia Media Network.

The History and Politics of the Qubee Alphabet

Qeerroo use qubee to communicate with one another.

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