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Imprisoned Oromo opposition leaders are on the verge of death

Senior leaders of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) who have been held in police custody for more than 3 years despite repeated court orders for their release are currently on the verge of death.

A detached elite can not bring plight of Oromos to end

Extending the Oromo suffering as long as possible and by all means necessary is the way that Oromo elites stay relevant.

The Qubee Generation must hold Oromo elites accountable

The Oromo nation must find a way to force a lazy and complacent elite to meet its popular demands.

New bill targets “any citizen of Oromia that does not support the Prosperity Party”, OLF Press Statement

The Anti- Terrorism Bill Proposed by Ethiopian Council of Ministers is a Deliberate Move to Block Peaceful Process.

Oromia’s Prison Walls Speak

I don’t think that even in the time of Menelik, we have experienced such humiliation. 

Book Review: Gezetena Gezot, the History of the Matcha-Tulama Self-Help Association

If Oromo elites do not learn from the tragedy of the association, their fate in the 1990s will not be different from the fate of the leaders of the association in the 1960s.

Liberation by any means necessary: in defense of the Oromo’s right to an armed struggle.

The armed movement of the Oromo has never fully subsided because the colonial nature of Ethiopia, albeit glimpses that the empire might transform into a democracy, has endured.

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