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Gadaa: Symbol of Democratic and Peaceful Society

Since the late 19th century, Ethiopia has had several regimes that have subjected the Oromo people to assimilation policies...

The Naming Ceremony of an Oromo Child

In Oromo culture, names are the bearers of one's identity, says Obbo Liban. As such, when a child is born, it will take two to three years before they are named in a collective ceremony.

Talks between Ethiopia and the Oromo Liberation Army ends without a deal

The first round of peace talks between the Ethiopian government and the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) ended without a deal today.

There will be no peace in the Horn of Africa without peace for Oromos

Oromos must be represented by those they see fit to represent them.

Colonization Beyond Europe: The Ethiopian Case

Ethiopia, as a state, propagates pathologies in the same way other colonial states have done.

Siinqee Institute calls on UNESCO to condemn the massacre of Karrayyu Abba Gadaas

"We call upon UNESCO to give our study report a careful consideration and assist us in our pursuit of justice for the massacred Karrayyu gadaa leaders and their traumatized families and communities," the letter further asks.

From an OLF fighter to teaching Islam: Ustaaz Raayyaa Abbaa Maccaa.

My father had imparted on me two causes to be entrusted with, which he got from my grandfather: the first is Oromummaa, and the second is my religion.

A Journey to Harar

In Mexican-Ethiopian filmmaker Jessica Beshir’s Faya Dayi, khat is more than an important export product in a capitalist economy; she captures khat’s roles and meanings in everyday Harari life.

The Oromo Elite: a tale of cowardice, mistrust, and unworthiness.

I recently listened to an interview given by Getachew Reda, the spokesperson of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), in which he spoke about...

The Oromo, like Africa, Needs to Distance itself from Colonial Heritage

Ethiopia is now engaged in what is proving to be a prolonged civil war in Tigray and has again continued its historic crackdown on the south and especially the Oromo.

Book Review: Gezetena Gezot, the History of the Matcha-Tulama Self-Help Association

If Oromo elites do not learn from the tragedy of the association, their fate in the 1990s will not be different from the fate of the leaders of the association in the 1960s.

The History and Politics of the Qubee Alphabet

Qeerroo use qubee to communicate with one another.

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