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US commends the OLA for ‘genuine effort’ to reach deal at Dar es-Salaam. ‘Don’t give up.’

In a major policy address, the US Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ervin J. Massinga, called on armed groups and the government to pursue peace in...

Jaal Marro’s journey to Tanzania: an interview with his advisor

Editor's Note: There have been two rounds of peace talks between the Ethiopian government and the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) aimed at ending the...

Ethiopia’s contradictory position on violence

Addis Standard, an English political news outlet based in Ethiopia, published remarks that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made during a parliamentary session held...

Abiy Ahmed steps up military action in Oromia despite peace talks

A resident in North Shawa Zone, central Oromia told the VOA his family's house was burned down after the first round of peace talks in Tanzania ended.

Transitional Government proposal divided OLA and Ethiopian government in the Tanzania talks

OLA's proposal to establish a transitional government was the main point of contention.

United States welcomes talks between Ethiopia and the Oromo Liberation Army

The United States welcomes peace talks taking place in Tanzania between the Ethiopian government and the Oromo Liberation Army. 

OLA confirms talks with Ethiopian government set to begin in Tanzania

OLA confirms that peace talks with the Ethiopian government will begin this week in Tanzania.

Seenaa Elemoo Qilxuu

Elemoon hojii dhuunfaa isaatiin milkaa’uun isaa bara 1966 ija tika Imbaasii Itoophiyaa biyya Yemen jiruu keessa gale.

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