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Protocols Of A Traditional Oromo Marriage Proposal 

Marriage is one of the most important rites of passage to Africans and most societies around the world. Every society throughout history has had...

The Naming Ceremony of an Oromo Child

In Oromo culture, names are the bearers of one's identity, says Obbo Liban. As such, when a child is born, it will take two to three years before they are named in a collective ceremony.

Who are the Oromos of Tana River County?

The Oromos of Tana River County descended from a Borana sub-clan known as Warra Dayyu or Warda.

New book explores why Ethiopia’s most widely spoken language is politicised  

It examines the history and politicization of Afaan Oromoo and its alphabet 'Qubee' in Ethiopia.  

Oromo kin across the colonial border: the Borana, the Gabra, the Orma

Kenyan Oromos, who include the Borana, Gabra, Orma, and MunyoYaya, number close to a million.

Artist Gutu Abera: “Don’t look back for there is no point in living where progress is not a possibility.”

In just a few days of its release, Gutu's music video had been watched by more than a million people, an impressive feat anywhere, but made even more impressive by the fact that the music is in Afaan Oromoo which is spoken in Ethiopia where the internet penetration isn't so high and data prices are.

Interview with the young artist Jirenya Legese

"Art to me is a medium through which I express my ideas."

A Journey to Harar

In Mexican-Ethiopian filmmaker Jessica Beshir’s Faya Dayi, khat is more than an important export product in a capitalist economy; she captures khat’s roles and meanings in everyday Harari life.

Sacred Knowledge Traditions of the Oromo of the Horn of Africa, Book Excerpt.

This ambiguous state of affairs, in which the Oromo were nominally free, whilst in practise still colonised, was one of the most dangerous and critical of times in their history.

Book Review: Gezetena Gezot, the History of the Matcha-Tulama Self-Help Association

If Oromo elites do not learn from the tragedy of the association, their fate in the 1990s will not be different from the fate of the leaders of the association in the 1960s.

Politicisation of an Oromo-English Dictionary.

I thought Afaan Oromo would not be able to endure and that Wallo’s fate was looming up for all Oromiyaa. So, though I had no money for the project, I made up my mind to try to save my language from sinking into oblivion by recording at least part of its vocabulary on paper.

The History and Politics of the Qubee Alphabet

Qeerroo use qubee to communicate with one another.

Abitew Kebede, ‘Sirba’ and Ethiopian Evangelicalism

Lutherans taught us what it means to be an evangelical.

The Role of Revolutionary Oromo Artists in Building Oromumma

The two revolutionary musical artists on which my discussion will focus on were born in opposite regions of Oromia. One was born in eastern Oromia, the other in the west.

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