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‘Oromos have been liberated’ – Abiy Ahmed’s speech in Naqamtee

On May 8th, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, accompanied by...

Ethiopian militia leader advocates for beheading

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Talks between Ethiopia and the Oromo Liberation Army ends without a deal

The first round of peace talks between the Ethiopian government and the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) ended without a deal today.

OLA confirms talks with Ethiopian government set to begin in Tanzania

OLA confirms that peace talks with the Ethiopian government will begin this week in Tanzania.

There will be no peace in the Horn of Africa without peace for Oromos

Oromos must be represented by those they see fit to represent them.

Seenaa Elemoo Qilxuu

Elemoon hojii dhuunfaa isaatiin milkaa’uun isaa bara 1966 ija tika Imbaasii Itoophiyaa biyya Yemen jiruu keessa gale.

Oromia should follow in the footsteps of Somaliland

Oromia, unlike Somaliland, is diverse in population, has the potential to become a middle-income economy.

Liberation by any means necessary: in defense of the Oromo’s right to an armed struggle.

The armed movement of the Oromo has never fully subsided because the colonial nature of Ethiopia, albeit glimpses that the empire might transform into a democracy, has endured.

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