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‘Oromos have been liberated’ – Abiy Ahmed’s speech in Naqamtee

On May 8th, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, accompanied by...

Ethiopian militia leader advocates for beheading

Zemene Kassie, the leader of 'Gojjam Fano', one of...

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Can Reconfiguring Amhara Region Bring Stability to Ethiopia?

The multinational federal state structure that the 1995 constitution created was based on the linguistic distribution and settlement patterns in the country. In the...

A detached elite can not bring plight of Oromos to end

Extending the Oromo suffering as long as possible and by all means necessary is the way that Oromo elites stay relevant.

The Qubee Generation must hold Oromo elites accountable

The Oromo nation must find a way to force a lazy and complacent elite to meet its popular demands.

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