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Jillo Abdullahi

Jillo Abdullahi is Kenyan writer based in Isiolo County.

Protocols Of A Traditional Oromo Marriage Proposal 

Marriage is one of the most important rites of passage to Africans and most societies around the world. Every society throughout history has had...

The Naming Ceremony of an Oromo Child

In Oromo culture, names are the bearers of one's identity, says Obbo Liban. As such, when a child is born, it will take two to three years before they are named in a collective ceremony.

Dawee: Manifestations of an Oromo Prophecy 

In the Borana/Southern Afaan Oromoo dialect, calling someone "dawwe" is a serious charge. It is a term used, often, to describe a person who...

Who are the Oromos of Tana River County?

The Oromos of Tana River County descended from a Borana sub-clan known as Warra Dayyu or Warda.

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