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Tag: Oromia

OLF accuses the Ethiopian government of deliberately targeting civilians in Oromia

The OLF calls on the United Nations Human Rights Council to launch an investigation in Oromia.

Ethiopian Evangelical Church says “armed men” killed members of congregation while in worship

"Armed men" opened fire at the congregation of Mula'tu Gela church in Sorga, Nekemte city, killing fifteen individuals.

What is Fano doing in Oromia?

Fano involvement goes beyond the retaking of "lost Amhara lands".

Treating the Oromia conflict as an afterthought in Ethiopia’s civil war is wrongheaded

Maintaining stability in Oromia is necessary to ensure stability in the entire Horn of Africa.

Ethiopia: Amhara Fano massacre more than 60 Oromos in cross-border raid

"Fano entered the town and went on a shooting spree."

Oromia: Referendum Now!

It is only reactionary feudal colonialists' propaganda that says there will be no winner in a war of liberation.

OFC Executive Committee member warns against attacking Jawar Mohammed

Harming Jawar Mohammed amounts to harming the OFC.

Interview with the young artist Jirenya Legese

"Art to me is a medium through which I express my ideas."

Oromia should follow in the footsteps of Somaliland

Oromia, unlike Somaliland, is diverse in population, has the potential to become a middle-income economy.

Investigation reveals evidence on how Ethiopian security forces killed members of Karrayyuu Gadaa Leadership.

Ija Oromia, an international organization that conducts in-depth reporting on human rights violations in the Oromia state of Ethiopia, confirms that on December 1,...

From an OLF fighter to teaching Islam: Ustaaz Raayyaa Abbaa Maccaa.

My father had imparted on me two causes to be entrusted with, which he got from my grandfather: the first is Oromummaa, and the second is my religion.

A decentralised and diverse struggle, vital to achieving independence

I witnessed this practice of decentralization while attending my own tribe Caffee both as a witness and as a representative of my own family.

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