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OLF-OLA High Command Statement

The Oromo Liberation Army High Command has received concrete evidence of the deployment of Eritrean troops into Oromia state—particularly into Guji, Borana, East Welega, West Welega, Kelem Welega, and Horo Guduru. Reports coming out of Welega since the 30th of March 2021, are already indicating that operations undertaken by mixed units of Ethiopian and Eritrean forces have resulted in multiple cases of extrajudicial killings of civilians.

We call upon the wider world to closely monitor the events that are going to unfold in the already fragile region following the deployment of Eritrean troops. The OLA will not allow Eritrean forces to repeat in Oromia what they did in Tigray; we will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of civilians of all nations and nationalities that reside in Oromia.

OLF-OLA High Command
April 25th, 2021.