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A detached elite can not bring plight of Oromos to end

Extending the Oromo suffering as long as possible and by all means necessary is the way that Oromo elites stay relevant.

The Qubee Generation must hold Oromo elites accountable

The Oromo nation must find a way to force a lazy and complacent elite to meet its popular demands.

Oromia should follow in the footsteps of Somaliland

Oromia, unlike Somaliland, is diverse in population, has the potential to become a middle-income economy.

A decentralised and diverse struggle, vital to achieving independence

I witnessed this practice of decentralization while attending my own tribe Caffee both as a witness and as a representative of my own family.

The Oromo Elite: a tale of cowardice, mistrust, and unworthiness.

I recently listened to an interview given by Getachew Reda, the spokesperson of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), in which he spoke about...

The Personal is Political

In order to dismantle the lie that is #EthiopiaPrevails, we have to divest ourselves of “prevailing”.

How a Nobel Laureate lost his reputation and disgraced Ethiopia

This man, regarded almost as a messiah by some and admired by many, is now as divisive as the TPLF.

How did Abiy Ahmed lose the Oromo street that propelled him to power?

Soon after receiving the award, Abiy began to write the darkest chapter of his legacy.

Oromia’s Prison Walls Speak

I don’t think that even in the time of Menelik, we have experienced such humiliation. 

Liberation by any means necessary: in defense of the Oromo’s right to an armed struggle.

The armed movement of the Oromo has never fully subsided because the colonial nature of Ethiopia, albeit glimpses that the empire might transform into a democracy, has endured.

What is the meaning of freedom for Oromia?

Is there any real possibility for the Oromo nation to achieve enduring peace and prosperity within Ethiopia? If facts of both the past and the present are to be taken as indicators, the answer is quite firmly, no.

The Legacy of the Past on Ethiopia’s Modern Political Life

Land is Ethiopia’s most valuable resource, as well as the fundamental, perennial cause of conflict throughout its modern history.

Are Oromos Ethiopian?

"Why do the Ethiopians hate the name Oromo and refuse to use it, insisting on the name Ethiopian?

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