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Dr. Tilahun Gamta

Dr. Tilahun Gamta is a prominent scholar and educator who has dedicated his professional life to the development and advancement of the Oromo language.

Galmee Jechoota Afaan Oromoo – Afaan Ingilizii Siyaasa Ta’e

Dr. Xilahuun Gamtaa: Hayyuu fi barsiisaa jireenya isaa guutuu Afaan Oromoo guddisuu fi gabbisuu irratti hojjate.

Politicisation of an Oromo-English Dictionary.

I thought Afaan Oromo would not be able to endure and that Wallo’s fate was looming up for all Oromiyaa. So, though I had no money for the project, I made up my mind to try to save my language from sinking into oblivion by recording at least part of its vocabulary on paper.

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