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‘Oromos have been liberated’ – Abiy Ahmed’s speech in Naqamtee

On May 8th, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, accompanied by...

Ethiopian militia leader advocates for beheading

Zemene Kassie, the leader of 'Gojjam Fano', one of...

Abba Ayaan

Abba Ayaan is an observer of Oromo politics with a wider interest in the HOA politics.

The hypocrisy of regime apologists in Oromia needs a reality check

Abiy Ahmed recently met with Oromia's top clergy, clan elders, and community organizers. During the meeting, the premier appeared defeated in front of a...

Security and Prosperity not possible while Oromos & Somalis are at Odds

Can peace, security, and prosperity in the Horn of Africa be achieved while Oromos and Somalis are at odds? Unlikely. The most disastrous times...

Killers of yesterday cannot bring justice today

Never existed a country where Erich Hartmann's words, "War is a place where the young kill one another without knowing or hating each other,...

There will be no peace in the Horn of Africa without peace for Oromos

Oromos must be represented by those they see fit to represent them.

Oromo politics: The Politics of Conspiracy

In the absence of an open debate in Oromo Politics, people are left to build their own assumptions.

A detached elite can not bring plight of Oromos to end

Extending the Oromo suffering as long as possible and by all means necessary is the way that Oromo elites stay relevant.

The Qubee Generation must hold Oromo elites accountable

The Oromo nation must find a way to force a lazy and complacent elite to meet its popular demands.

Oromia should follow in the footsteps of Somaliland

Oromia, unlike Somaliland, is diverse in population, has the potential to become a middle-income economy.

A decentralised and diverse struggle, vital to achieving independence

I witnessed this practice of decentralization while attending my own tribe Caffee both as a witness and as a representative of my own family.

The Oromo Elite: a tale of cowardice, mistrust, and unworthiness.

I recently listened to an interview given by Getachew Reda, the spokesperson of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), in which he spoke about...

The Oromo, like Africa, Needs to Distance itself from Colonial Heritage

Ethiopia is now engaged in what is proving to be a prolonged civil war in Tigray and has again continued its historic crackdown on the south and especially the Oromo.

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