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Soretti Kadir

Soretti Kadir is a storyteller, facilitator, and activist.

Ethiopia’s contradictory position on violence

Addis Standard, an English political news outlet based in Ethiopia, published remarks that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made during a parliamentary session held...

We can’t afford to lose Irreechaa 

As Irreechaa nears, I can’t help but feel anxiety, grief, and anger at our tattered, unconvicted, and depoliticized relationship with the festival. I also...

Jaal Kamaal Heebboon Qabsoo keesatti wareegame

"Soba liqimsitanii, madaa durii keessan dhiigsitanii diina keessan hin gammachiisiinaa."

Oromia’s Prison Walls Speak

I don’t think that even in the time of Menelik, we have experienced such humiliation. 

Liberation by any means necessary: in defense of the Oromo’s right to an armed struggle.

The armed movement of the Oromo has never fully subsided because the colonial nature of Ethiopia, albeit glimpses that the empire might transform into a democracy, has endured.

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